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THE LEGENDS SHOWCASE - A Night of Concept Videos from Studio XIV

What makes a person “legendary”? What elevates one to that epic upper echelon of individuals who go down in history as a “LEGEND”? Join us as we explore and celebrate some of the most legendary artists and their works and pay tribute to them the best way we know how: DANCE!

The Legends Showcase is a livestream production, consisting of concept dance videos.

What is a concept video?

It's a video that shows a story or a concept through the art of dance and choreography. You could be dancing to a story of love and heartbreak, a conceptual piece about our world, the life story of a legend... concept videos allow your choreographer to have creative freedom to create a piece that showcases their groups talents.

Each Training class will have a unique concept video, with the underlying theme of Legends & legendary music.

Training sessions run for 8 weeks