To ensure the safety of all students, please read and follow the following policies, procedures and protocols from Studio XIV.


#1) All students must fill out the Studio XIV Screening Questionnaire, get their temperature checked, wear a mask, and sanitize before entering Studio XIV Dance Co FOR EVERY CLASS.

You can fill out the Screening Questionnaire online HERE


#2) All students must sign a liability & photography release form before taking their first class.


#3) We ask you do not arrive more than 10-15 minutes before class to decrease the amount of people waiting in common areas.


#4) We ask you to wear a mask when in common areas. Once you are in your 6ft box in the studio, you are allowed to remove the mask for class. If you need to leave your box at any point, for the washroom or other reasons, please put back on your mask and sanitize before exiting the studio.


#5) Please use the provided hand sanitizer before and after class.


#6) Change rooms are off limits - please come ready to dance and bring the minimal amount of items with you. If it's not needed for class, we ask you leave it in your car.


#7) No outdoor shoes. Bring a clean pair of shoes that are geared for dancing. This will help keep our floors safe and clean for all dancers.


#8) Cancellation & Refund Policy: If the student decides to drop out of a session or not show up for class, we do not offer refunds. For Drop Ins: If the student notifies us more than 24 hours in advance, a partial credit may be possible. Remember that class spots are limited. Please do not register for sessions or drop ins if you are not certain on your availability.


To ensure the safety of all cast & crew, please read and follow the following policies, procedures and protocols from Studio XIV.

#1) All cast & crew must attend a safety protocol training session to ensure the proper use of masks, hand washing, etc. and to inform all workers of cleaning protocols and sanitization stations.


#2) All cast & crew must sign a contract to release liability, give photography and video rights to Studio XIV, and hold them accountable to their role in the production.


#3) All cast & crew must complete a COVID-19 self assessment before entry


#4) All cast & crew must log in and out every time they are on set - including full name, date, temperature, 3 question screening & time in and out.

#5) All cast & crew must keep a mask on and remain at least 6ft apart at all times. Exceptions for cast members where the scene does not allow for masks or social distancing.


#6) Cancellation & Refund Policy: If a cast member decides to abandon a production after rehearsals and filming has started, we do not offer refunds.


Unless otherwise stated on the service or product purchased, our policy is:

- No Refunds on Drop In Classes

- Credits are available for Drop In Classes if Studio XIV is notified more than 24 hours in advance of class

- 10% Fee for Full Refunds on Training Programs. This Fee increases to 15% past 6 months of purchase date.

- To use your credit, email us.